Who’s box of chocolate is that for huh?

Faça mais receita



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  1. That's a beautiful cake and a charming story. I wonder, though, of y'all would be interested in buying chocolate from a small company that I know about in Connecticut. They're called Noteworthy Chocolates and you can get custom messages and Art laser engraved into the chocolates. Plus they're allergy-friendly, affordable, and ecologically responsible.
    Unfortunately, Godiva is not an ethical company so when I witness people promoting that business, I like to offer more sustainable and, ultimately cooler alternatives.

  2. Your Cake looks absolutely awesome and yummy as always, I really liked that you made an awesome Semi Naked Cake, the Cake looks so good together with the Roses Mimo, You are so creative. 😃

  3. I’m just curious to know. Do you wrap the ends of the flowers before you put them in the cake? I have read that some of the non edible flowers leave toxic residue on the cake if they aren’t wrapped. I am aware that roses are edible though. 😊

  4. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! My husband is not a gift giver. Not for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, – Nothing at all. After years of disappointments, I now give him exactly what he gives me – nothing at all. If I want something I spend his money on it. His bad behavior comes from his mother never giving her children gifts when they were growing up. She however, dressed to the 9s. She was a self centered snobby witch. Spend your hubby's money on an expensive box of Godiva chocolates. I love the dark chocolate truffles the most.

  5. Side-note; about the roses: 🌹🌹🌹flowers are grown with pesticides so most States require that you wrap up the ends of the flowers before you stick them in the cake so that the pesticides from the flowers don’t leak into the cake🎂😅not to be mean 😢 ….just so you know👍🏼❤

  6. "It's not for you" that's suspicious 🤔
    😂 just joking, just would be funny if he left off without saying it was for a customer

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